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Exclusive & original content. Feel confident with these social media prompts and done-for-you captions.


Choose from a digital app or beautifully designed deck of cards.

Where should you focus your time and effort on social media?

Creating social media content doesn't have to suck. It can be made easier....

Imagine not having to worry about what on earth you were going to post on social media today. 


Imagine being able to share something on social media that would get people to engage....instead of crickets....


Imagine being able to pick up your phone and create a social media post in under 2 minutes so you could get on with you actual job.....


Well you can now. 


Kickstart Your Marketing creates uniquely designed social media prompts that work with social media algorithms, so you can beat the overwhelm of social media using our ideas for social media and done-for-you captions.

How it works

No spreadsheets.

No messy scheduling.

Just post & go!

With our algorithm friendly prompts - you don't need to stress about content ahead of time - unless you want to!


Just use our done-for-you prompts and captions to create content on the go!

App Features

  • Social Media Prompts

    Provides content ideas and prompts about what to post on your social media channels, stories and videos.

  • Works For All Social Channels

    Can be used on all channels, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

  • Algorithm Friendly

    Using a careful formula, the prompts and captions are designed to increase engagement through shareable & interactive posts.

  • Done-for-You Captions

    Don't stress about what to write, we provide customisable captions. Just fill in the blanks and post!

  • Multiple Categories

    Choose from 5 categories types that are designed to improve your audience interaction. 

  • Posting History & Reminders

    Don't forget to post with daily reminders (which you can control) and see your achievement streaks!


"Kickstart your Marketing helps grow small businesses by providing them with the tools they need to effectively market their business on social media"

Awared Regional Winner 2019
Flinders University Venture Dorm

OMG I LOVE this app. It saves me SOOOOOO much time. Spin the wheel......copy the caption and paste it into your social media.'s that easy!

Sandra Senn

Founder, Hashtag Insta Prints

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AusMumpreneur Award 2020 Amber Rushton
AusMumpreneur Award 2020 Amber Rushton
AusMumpreneur Award 2020 Amber Rushton
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